Monday, September 24, 2007

Ammmmmazing! Fat Daddy Bake Shop!

I almost died when I discovered this awesome shop on Etsy today! Fat Daddy Bake Shop opened in July and is doing really well. It's easy to see why when you browse through her delicious store.

I checked out one of her cupcakes and am so impressed by her ingenious new way to make and sell cupcakes (patent pending!): baked in a small mason jar! Not only is it adorable but really practical, and you can put a lid on any you don't finish in one sitting (not that I can imagine that considering how mouth watering these look). Each jar supposedly feeds 2-3 people (not in my world!) and is only $5.00.

There are many varieties of cupcakes and other baked treats, so check out Fat Daddy Bake Shop today!
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