Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Love is... waffles?

I'm not sure what's so cute about waffles, but they rank right up there with cupcakes and popsicles in my book. The problem is you can't exactly find waffle soap molds.

So making one has been a quest of mine for months. I majored in fashion design, not sculpting, so I've been trying to educate myself about suitable materials. The stuff I used for these soaps is really designed to cure with the "master" in it, but I just tried to manually press the texture in with the side of a balsa sheet. As the putty cured, it puffed up and made my design really shallow. I would really like to nail this down, so I have one more product to try, but I just hate all the money I'm spending on this! But, alas, the obsessive nature in me insists.

These soaps were specifically made for Mahar Drygoods, along with a PB&J version. They'll be in his shop soon, so if you'd like to pick up some soapy treats for Valentine's Day, check it out! :)
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