Monday, February 4, 2008


As well as being an obsessed soapcrafter, I'm also a hopeless procrastinator. One thing I'm guilt of is not wrapping my soaps immediately after they're done. Usually this is fine - I wrap them before I ship them. But today I was packing some orders and saw that my Lovebug (ladybug) Soaps all had glistening beads of glycerin condensation on them. Doh!! That totally bites. But that's what happens sometimes, especially during humid weather (we just had a very rainy day, so there you go).

This condensation is strictly cosmetic and washes off the second it hits water. So I have marked down these very labor intensive soaps to $2.50 each in my Etsy shop.

Lesson learned: take the time and wrap your glycerin soaps... or else!
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