Saturday, August 23, 2008

Galaxy in a Gobstopper rings

Galaxy in a gobstopper rings, originally uploaded by Plastnatic.

Could you just die?! These gorgeous glittery balls are handmade of resin, glitter, and lots of love by Plastnatic (aka Cicely Margo). She has pics of them on rings, just as balls, and she told me that she even has them on lollipop sticks which I am DYING to see! She's such a tease! ;)

We had a little chat about ball molds before she started this project and I told her about the mold I used for my Wonder Bars:

I had no idea what potential it had! Yay for bringing the best of super balls, glitter, color, and fun jewelry all into one awesome creation. You can get one of your very own at!

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