Friday, May 29, 2009

Shiny, Happy People

A few days ago I was getting caught up over at the Teach Soap Forum (a great forum for all kinds of b&b crafters). The melt and pour board has a great thread that is 55 pages and growing called "Flaunt Your Stuff." It is so fun to see what everyone's up to and share new projects!

Well, I was delighted when I saw redfishingirl post some links to new soaps she had made and one of them was her project from the Summer issue of Let's Get Soapy! That's her picture above. It is so great - what a beautiful rainbow she created!

Also, she mentioned that she even did a melt and pour soap party with instructions from that issue. Here's what Heather told me about it:

It was my daughter's Pre-k Class with 15 five year olds. Your video and tutorials made it so easy. And the signs were just perfect! The other mom-helpers I had didn't have to ask what to do, even though they hadn't ever done it before.
That is so great! I'm thrilled to hear such glowing feedback!

If you have made some projects from any issue of Let's Get Soapy, I'd love to hear how they turned out or better yet, see your pics! Please email me anytime!
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