Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Soap Cupcake Pops and eZine Update

I know many of you are Bakerella fans like me, but one of my new favorite bloggers, Mais Kes Ka Fee (from France), has been truly inspired! She made cold process cupcake pops! Check them out here.

I recently blogged about Ka Fee's new eZine over at The Soap Lab. Definitely check that out, too. Can you believe it's her first one ever? Wow!!

Also, I am diligently working on the next issue of Let's Get Soapy, which will be available on Monday! It's a special edition, dedicated to The Soap Lab. You'll find brand new tutorials, cool techniques, inspirational photos to get you going, and a guest article from Naiad Soap Arts! Make sure you're signed up for the SoapyClub so you won't miss the early bird special (sign up box on the left hand side of my blog page).

And thanks to everyone who has reserved their copy of the new Soapylove book on Amazon!
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