Monday, November 30, 2009

Soapyfans Unite!

Do you know what I love even more than writing tutorials? Seeing what you all do with them! All of the above photos were made by Soapyfans, and I could not be more proud. Here's more about the artists behind the soaps!

The plaid tree is by Erica Pence of Bonnie Bath. She used the Plaid Soap tutorial which is in my book and can be found as a video at Bramble Berry. I love how Erica used a touch of gold in her design, which adds such a beautiful dimension! Check out her active fan page here.

Next is a great use of the new Checkered Heart Mold by Rose Carbajal. She submitted her photo to the fan album over at Soapylove's Facebook page. Thanks, Rose!

At the bottom left is a very impressive cold process version of the Hot Chocolate Loaf Soap by The Coffee Soap Company. Look at that incredible soap foam - it puts mine to shame! I couldn't resist - I had to buy a bar for myself!

Last but not least are yummy ice cream sandwich soaps made by my friend Alison and her 4 year old son. This was their first solo soap project! After seeing my soapy cupcakes in my kitchen, she got some Soapylove supplies and made her own awesome designs. They're so great! I love how they put sprinkles on the sides of the filling. Her son said his favorite part was peeling the leftover soap frosting out of the bowl. I'm sure many of us can relate!

Thank you so much everyone who has sent me emails and links to their projects. If you have some pictures, please show them off in the Soapylove fan album. It will really make my day!
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