Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You Already Clean Your Hands, So Now Clean Your Liver!

Do you ever feel like you're eating too much junk, too much fat, sugar, and/or carbs?  Or maybe you have a sneaking feeling that you have a food allergy but aren't sure to what kind of food.

A great way to address both of these concerns is with a liver cleanse or "detox".  If you've never heard of this, it's where you go on a special diet for a fixed amount of time, eliminating all foods that stress our systems, and gradually reintroduce them.  This both gives our liver a break, allowing it to catch up on all the filtering it does on a daily basis, and isolates certain foods so you can see if you react to them once they are reintroduced.

As with most diets (or changes in our routine) it's easier to do with support.  My husband, Jim Chialtas, is leading a 7 day "group cleanse" starting the week of February 15.  He made sure it starts after Valentine's Day so you can still enjoy your favorite restaurant!  If you are in San Diego you can attend a meeting he is holding to kick off the cleanse.  If you are not local then he will call you to discuss the diet and answer any questions. 

Included in the $100 cost is a kick-off meeting (choose from 2 sessions) or a personal phone call, the cleansing drink powder and supplements, literature, and email support during the 7 day cleanse.  Jim is even setting up a discussion board on his Facebook fanpage for participants to share recipes, tips, concerns, or anything else with eachother. 

For more information or to RSVP, check out his events at his Functional Medicine fanpage. Thanks!