Monday, December 13, 2010

Great Soap Packaging Tip - Printed Tape!

Hi everybody!  I have been meaning to post about printed tape for weeks now, but you know how it is as the holidays approach - busy busy!  So today I stumbled upon TapeSwell, an amazing shop where you can find printed tape, labels, coordinating combo packs... all in gorgeous patterns. 

What is so great about this stuff is that they have the look of ribbon with the polish of a professionally printed label, so your soaps will look amazing in a snap!  Whether you wrap it around a shrink wrapped bar or around a soap box, you will be so impressed by how "jazzed up" your packaging looks.  TapeSwell even has a "Tacky Ideas" page for inspiration.

If you like super sweet designs like I do, check out KawaiiYa which has all Kawaii style printed tapes (called "deco tape" in the Japanese stationery world).

For a sophisticated look, try washi tape, which is a beautiful paper tape (like masking tape) that you can tear.  It has a matte look and feel instead of glossy like the above tapes.  Cute Tape has an awesome selection, and an incredible gallery of customer photos. 

Feel like going on a Google adventure?  Try these searches to discover the world of pretty tape:

Deco Tape
Decorative Tape
Washi Tape
Printed Tape
Kawaii Tape
MT Masking Tape

Have fun!
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