Monday, September 5, 2011

Soapylove Article and Tutorial Directory from The Soap Queen

You may already know about my Soapylove books and eZines, but I have also been a guest blogger for The Soap Queen for over three years.  I have written many articles and tutorials but unless you know what to search for, they can be hard to find.  So here's a link directory to all of them.  I hope you find it helpful!
Color Blending Frogs
Using Jojoba Beads in M & P
Tips & Tricks for Using Oxide Colorants in M&P
Labcolors and You: A Little Chat
Tips on Soap Photography
Dusting with Mica
Embed Problems
Less Can Be More – Using Sheer Colors
The Making of the Bicycle Soap
Using Silicone Molds with M&P, Part 1
Part 2: Using Silicone Molds with M&P – Tips and Projects
3 Color Fade
Do you want to sell wholesale? Be prepared!

Cupcakes with a Cherry on Top
Birthday Cake Loaf Soap
Vivid Soap Blocks
Fiery Energy Bar
Katie’s Wedding Soap Favors
Take Me To Your Leader Soap
Bubbles from the Crypt
Textured Headstone Soap
Delicious Layered Soap Cookies
Lucky Star Soaps
Checkered Cookie Soaps
Ombre Heart Soaps
Rainbow Carnations
2 Scoops, Please!
Sweet and Pretty Parfait Soaps
I Heart Soap
Fluffy Frosted Soapy Cupcakes
Oh The Things You Can Do! Soap Frosting 3 More Ways.
Loteria Soap Shrines
Cute as a Button Soaps
Sparkly Strawberry Sorbet Soaps
Soapylove Neon Bonanza
Soapy Spooky Eyeballs
Making a Mini Cooper

For even MORE Soapylove (yes, there's still more!), click here for all the tutorials on my blog, and click here for my videos on YouTube!

When you're obsessed, you're obsessed!  :)

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