Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tooth Chips... and swallowing my pride.

Today I'm writing about 2 things: a great unusual product I tried, and a customer service lesson I learned the hard way.

So yesterday I received and tried something called "Tooth Chips", a soap made for tooth brushing made by Rose of Sharon Acres ( It's handmade soap shredded into little pieces, each one the perfect amount for one use. You stick a shred on your back tooth, then brush and it lathers up. I've tried other natural products like this, but her Tooth Chips are the best because they taste good (she offers several flavors), and rinse out cleanly. She offers small sampler sizes, so it's very affordable to try. I highly recommend it!

My customer service lesson was a blow to my pride, because I strive to set a personal standard about not being stomped on by people. Not to get into details, but a buyer wanted to return an order of 78 soaps almost a month after they were delivered. It is highly unusual for a B&B company to allow this, but the issue was getting me really heated and I had to back down and accept the return. Unfortunately, I have not had a published return policy, therefore making me a bit weak in standing my ground. So for now on, I will include my policy on all invoices. I just really hate having any sort of stern legal talk in my business, but I guess it's a must. Sigh!
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