Friday, October 19, 2007

7 Days and Counting

Today marks 7 days from my due date! I get up every 3 hours all night long to visit the bathroom (I just have to pee but it feels like my whole torso is going to explode) and every project I try to do takes me 10 times longer than I think it will. Timing with my business could not be better, since my wholesale accounts have already ordered their holiday soaps and I'm just making soaps to sell on Etsy. I LOVE selling my little special projects but will be closing shop very soon. I just need to focus on getting my house set up and being ready for the baby. Knowing me, I'll probably re-open in a month, but maybe I won't until January.

Anyway, sorry my posts have been a bit sporadic, but it's amazing how scattered my mind has been. I'll probably be listing my last 2 special soap projects today if I can find my camera battery charger: a wood grain bar and some nordic bird soaps. Stay tuned! :)
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