Friday, November 16, 2007

Slowly getting a grip!

Having a toddler and a newborn is a lot of work! Plus getting any sort of schedule is practically impossible. I'm so glad I decided to close my Etsy shop until the new year - my feedback rating surely would have gone down the tubes otherwise! Just answering email can be hard to do, much less making and shipping soaps promptly.

But I am actually making some soaps, mainly to develop new soapsicles for the new year. I haven't created the next "Nilla Sammie" yet (that being my most popular style so far) but I have a lot of ideas I'm optimistic about!

While I'm writing (and my daughter is impatiently waiting), I want to send out some major props to Anne-Marie at Brambleberry. She has been an amazing source of support on her blog "Soap and the Finer Things." Thanks so much to her for posting an interview with me and some other entries about a trade we did a while back. She has a great blog with lots of great topics, ranging from b&b projects to cupcakes! Anne-Marie was the first soaper to be on Craft Lab, and I'll be the second, coming up on November 26. Yay us! :)
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