Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Quest for the Perfect Aqua

One thing I've been very busy with lately is developing new styles for next year. I find it hard to make sure I have a good variety of colors in my line because the colorants available that don't bleed are quite limited.

I wanted to make a nice bright aqua this time. I started with a blue color and added yellow to brighten it, but that never quite worked. You can see in the picture above all the variations I got. Some were too dark, some too dull.

Luckily I have Erin to bounce ideas off of. She and I are both m&p addicts and have a few tricks we can share. Erin suggested starting with green instead, which turned out to be the perfect answer! It's still different than what I was striving for but is very pretty and will work great for my new Candy Carousel Soapsicle.

Stay tuned for final shots of this style!
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