Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fun Soapy Finds on Etsy

Today I was browsing around Etsy to see what's the latest in the B&B category and found some really great stuff. First I found these great "Soap and Shave Cubes" from Red Leaf in Seattle. I love their cool shape and eye catching labels. Who says soaps have to be complicated to be impressive?! Check out all of their enticing fragrances at ShopRedLeaf.

If there's such thing as soap porn, Purusha is the mistress of all. Her bars are so artistic and feature very luxurious oils. One time she had a 100% Macadamia Oil Bar. I'm kicking myself for not buying one! Her colors, designs, oil combinations, and fragrance choices make Purusha my favorite CP soaper on Etsy. Check out this listing for an opportunity to try several.

Last but certainly not least is Naiad Soap Arts. This stunning Bamboo Sugarcane Charcoal Soap is made with activated charcoal and scented with Bamboo Sugarcane fragrance oil. If the photo doesn't make you want one, then the description of the fragrance will!
"A sparkling splash of citrus and sweet florals of jasmine and rose, join branches of green leaves with a dry down of pure sugar sweetness".

The talented woman behind Naiad is Erin Pikor, a soap maker who is not only an essential part of the Soapylove team but a good friend, too. She and I swap soap business tips (and groans) every weekend. Last weekend she showed me some gorgeous gift sets she put together for Father's Day, like this one (pictured). At only $30 it is a total steal. When you go to the listing, check out the picture of the closed tin. It's so elegant! What Dad wouldn't love that!
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