Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Soapylove Now at the La Jolla Open Aire Market!

This Sunday I will be a new vendor at the La Jolla Open Aire Market. I'm so excited! The coordinator is a customer at my uncle's plastics shop and saw my soaps there (showing a custom display they made for me). Anyway, she asked for my info and invited me to be a vendor.

I haven't sold at a market like this before. Actually, I've only sold at a summer fair and at a shopping event (Appel & Frank). Neither was worth the time or effort involved. However, when I had a children's clothing business with my friend, we sold at summer street fairs and made a killing. So I'm hopeful that once I find the right venue that it can be good.

More about this market... it's located in gorgeous La Jolla and is held every Sunday from 9am to 1pm. There are crafters, food vendors, and farmers there. It's always really busy. I'll be there as many Sundays as I can until I get a feel for how right it is for Soapylove.

In the meantime, I need to get some soaps made! I'll have primarily Soapsicles but I want to bring more designs and see how they do. I think today I'll make some new UFO's. I'll post pics if they turn out well!

Hope to see you there! :)
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