Thursday, July 3, 2008

Soapylove Technique Reference Guide

I get emails now and then asking about how I make my soaps or where I get my supplies, and I thought it would be helpful to make a list of my tips and tutorials. Hopefully this will help a lot of you because my kids barely let me answer any emails! :)

So here we go:

Regarding "how I make my soaps", check out the left hand column for a list of labels and click on "technique" to pull up all posts where I've discussed soap making.

Also, here's a list of my tutorials available online:

Peace Soapsicle on Teach Soap (More of a summary, but helpful if you know how to color and layer soap)

These are from my appearance on DIY's Craft Lab:
Vertically striped Rainbow Sherbert Soapsicle
Martini Mix Soap Dice
Star Bar

And these tutorials are available on Crafted Online:
1. Polka Party Cupcake Soaps
2. Soap Favors (Sparkly Snowflakes and Marbled Hearts)
3. Star Bright Mini Soaps (shown in photo above)
4. Cameo Soap Bars
5. UFO Martian Man Soaps

You can also find lots of other great instructions, tips, and projects on Teach Soap and Martha Stewart.

As for the question, "where do you get your supplies," I honestly get them from LOTS of places, but I recommend these online shops:
Brambleberry - amazing selection of colorants, molds, and soap base, and a great list of all their non-bleeding colorants (a must for all multi colored projects!).
Oregon Trail - great selection of colorants (lots of non-bleeding bright colors).
From Nature With Love - A huge selection of everything b&b!

And finally, the #1 question I get asked via email:
"Where do you get your soapsicle* molds?"

If I told you, I would have to kill you (but honestly, they're not hard to find. I'm sure you'll come across them anyway!).

Happy Soaping!!