Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Water Cooler for Crafters: Craft Gossip!

About a year and a half ago, I had the very good fortune of meeting Jennifer Perkins. She was the host of The Craft Lab on DIY and I was a guest one day. She made me feel really comfortable and we shared a lot of laughs during the whole taping.

Jennifer is the renaissance woman of crafting and business, too! Her own company is The Naughty Secretary Club and she has written several books about crafting and jewelry design. She even put in a good word for me with her publisher which led to the contract I now have for a glycerin soapmaking book!

Anyhoo... she is now also the Editor on The Craft Gossip Blog Network for "Craft Artist Life," (her resume must be 10 pages long!) which is a site where you will find interviews with tons of different crafters and business owners, dishing about their latest and greatest. I was very flattered to be included last week (read all about it!).

Definitely check it out - I love to read about how different folks do it (business, that is!) and what makes them tick. There's so much to learn!
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