Monday, November 17, 2008

Mmmm... felty!

I LOVE felt food. My Soap Tarts were totally inspired by a felt version of Pop Tarts I saw on Etsy. There is a great feature today on Etsy Storque showcasing many beautiful felt food creations from Etsy. Check that out here.

I glanced at the comments and saw a great shop name: JustFeltHungry. The name alone made me want to see more. So I looked and boy, was I in for a treat! It was eye candy galore! And then when I saw these felt candy sticks I almost died from the cuteness. They're $10 each, which makes sense considering all of those swirly stripes are hand stitched!

If you're thinking of making a purchase in her shop, I think the Tea Party Pastries are an incredible value. For $20 you get 5 hand sewn cookies. They're so beautiful!

JustFeltHungry's profile says,
I am a stay-at-home mom of one little boy. I started creating Felt Food for my 18 month-old son. But since he was still too young to play with it, I decided to offer it on Etsy. And then I made more ... and more ...

My goal is to make play food that can really be played with: I make it strong enough to be handled by little hands without tearing or coming apart (within reason). This is why I sew around all edges and often double or triple-layer the felt.

I also want my food to be educational: I try to offer original, exotic and colourful items which can teach children to eat and cook a healthy and varied diet. But I also sell a few pastries, cookies and rashers of bacon!

Support handmade this holiday season. You just can't find this amount of love and thoughtfulness in Wal-Mart! :)
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