Monday, November 10, 2008

Shop - Learn - Create - at Soapylove!

Woo hoo! Soapyfans can now do much more at Soapylove. When you get to the Soapylove site, you'll be greeted with 3 new choices. It's like "Choose Your Own Adventure" for soapers!

The Soapsicle Shop has been restocked with newness! Get ready for the holidays with the new Winter Wonderland, the ever-popular Candy Cane, and customize your own great gift set with an Ice Cream Truck Soap Dish and your choice of Soapsicle! Plus don't miss the brand new Peachy Keen with floating polka dots and a fresh peach fragrance.

Check out the latest holiday tutorials all in one place - the new Learn page at Soapylove! Each is only $6.00 and will be delivered right to your email box pronto, so you can get soaping!

There's nothing better than learning how to make soap in person. Check out my latest schedule of classes including the double feature at The Nova Studio!

I'll still be making a few minor improvements to the site over the next week, but it's ready for your shopping enjoyment so definitely head on over! See you there!

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