Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yay! We Have a Winner!!

Thank you to everyone who entered my contest this week! I got 37 awesome entries which had oodles of loves and hates about m&p soap crafting. I'll be reviewing them carefully and using many of these tidbits for new posts, to help many of you enjoy the craft even more than you already are (or giving you the little nudge to go ahead and give it a try!).

Our wonderful winner, picked randomly, is Tammy from Milk and Cookeez (not pictured - I don't know who that guy is)! Coincidentally, she is a fellow member of IBN and I'm an admirer of her shop, too! She has a huge assortment of bath and body yummies you should definitely check out. With shop categories like The Fizzy Soda Pop Shop and the Ice Cream Parlor, it's a delectable feast of eye candy!

So Tammy will be receiving a complimentary set of Neon Soap Paints from PJ Soaps. I'll be getting it out to her lickety split.

Thanks again everyone and have a great day!
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