Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pinching Pennies? Make Your Own Soapylove Soaps!

My gift list is getting pretty long now that I have 2 kids. New additions to my list are preschool teachers, babysitters, and playdate friends. So you can bet that I'm making some gifts this year!

If you're feeling creative and would like to try your hand at some Soapylove check out the Learn page of my site dedicated exclusively to tutorials! There are projects for beginners and experienced soap crafters, and once you get the supplies many of them can be made in an hour.

The Glittery Glass Ball Tutorial is my most popular. You can make any color you like, and the sparkly balls are so pretty! This is a great beginner project. Another fun one is the Sugar Plum Ornament Soaps which actually hang from ribbons and is a great project to do with a friend. One can pour while the other swirls! Having a party and need some cute favors? The 2-for-1 Soap Favors has both sparkly snowflakes and a marbled heart design included.

You can follow the projects exactly or just use them as inspiration to plug in your own color choices or cookie cutter shapes. There are lots of great possibilities, and the best part is that you can't mess up! You're making soaps that are ready immediately and are totally useful.

Another perk of making your own projects is how much fun it is. I encourage you to invite a friend over and make some soaps together. You can share the cost, get a lot done, and spend some quality time with eachother. It's a win win!

Some sources for the ball mold (these will take you right to the mold listing):
Herbal Accents (the one I use in the tutorial. May be sold out until week of 12/15)
New Directions Aromatics
Soap Goods
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