Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Let's Get Soapy Shopping Cart - Much More Friendly!

For those who were interested in getting the Spring issue of Let's Get Soapy, but were turned off by the "Drop" site, I have changed to a much nicer shopping cart system. Now you will be able to use Paypal to buy the eZines instead of registering with Amazon, and you'll automatically get an email reply with a download link once your purchase is completed.

Also, all issues of Let's Get Soapy will be there so you can get multiple issues if you wish. Check it out at This is now the link from my main site page, too.

FYI, I'm working on the summer issue right now and plan to have it available to Soapyclub members on March 23 and the rest of the world on March 30. Make sure to sign up to get the special Soapyclub rate during the early release as well!
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