Monday, June 22, 2009

Congrats to Anne-Marie on Awesome Features!

Anne-Marie Faiola, the CEO of Bramble Berry Soap Supplies, is an inspiration to so many people. She is a self-made success who started out selling soaps at farmer's markets. Now Anne-Marie (The Soap Queen) not only offers top notch supplies for all b&b projects but also teaches how to make them on her blog and is producing great videos, too.

To add to that, she was featured on Cakespy and The Crafty Chica recently. So amazing! Definitely head over and read her interviews. They're great!

In the interview with Kathy Murillo (The Crafty Chica herself!), she was asked:

Q: We've all seen things embedded in soap, soap made to look like food, all natural soap - what is the next big cutting edge technique in your industry?

I think the next big cutting edge technique in our industry is using a flexible molding putty. Bramble Berry sells Flexy Fast to create custom, one-off soap molds and texture sheets. I just shot a episode (airing late august) showing people how to use flexible molding putty to create molds for whatever they want. On this photo of the sushi soap I whipped up, I actually made a mold using the Flexy Fast of a flat piece of nori seaweed so that the sushi soap roll would have the same look and texture of a real piece of seaweed.
I look forward to seeing her video! In the meantime, if you would like to know more about this method and some fun texture inspiration, check out the June issue of Let's Get Soapy, where this is the featured tutorial. Then keep your eyes out for the Soap Queen video in August!
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