Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pictures from Bellingham!

This year I was lucky enough to be invited to teach again at SWI - Otion and Bramble Berry's Soapmaking Weekend Intensive. It took place this past weekend and I have pictures to show you!

First, on Friday, I went to the Bramble Berry offices to prep "step-outs" (every step of a project made in advance) so Anne-Marie and I could film our first ever Soap Queen TV episodes together. I was really nervous once filming began but Anne-Marie made me feel much better and we had an awesome time. So awesome that I'm really afraid of what the out-takes are going to look like! Stay tuned to the Soap Queen blog for details about our videos. We made Plaid Soaps and Soap Tarts!

On Saturday I got to hang around town with my family. Bellingham is so beautiful that it was easy to have a great time. One of my favorite moments was getting soft ice cream from an old English double decker bus that has been retrofitted into a fish-n-chips and ice cream stand. Love that!

On Saturday night, everyone came to Anne-Marie and her husband's lake house (on Lake Samish) for a little campfire. We had hot dogs and s'mores, and many many pebbles were thrown into the water. Here is Chris (Anne-Marie's hubby) hanging out with my daughter. Lori Nova and my son really hit it off, too, and roasted marshmallows together. The kids certainly had no shortage of loving grown-ups to play with!

On Sunday, it was my turn to teach. Anne-Marie did a great intro to M&P, and then we made Soap Tarts and Plaid Soaps. Even though there were only 4 out of 11 students who had melt and pour experience, everyone made gorgeous soaps! I was very impressed by how meticulous they were when it came time to plan their plaid design and again later when they cut their pan of soap into bars.

Once we were done, Lori Nova took the stage to do her fabulous Coloring Soap with Confidence presentation - undoubtedly the most thoroughly researched and informative class on CP soap colorants! She made 77 soap samples at The Nova Studio to test every major category of colorants, with photos and supply sources, too! Lori has just made her Power Point and handouts into an eBook that you can buy here. It is a very valuable investment! (Sorry for my lack of photos. I took some but there was a bright window behind Lori and my pictures are really bad!)

On Monday my family headed back to San Diego after a sweet send off by Anne-Marie. I had a great time! Definitely check out Otion's soap classes which they have regularly, and I'll let you know if/when I'm back there as well!
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