Thursday, October 1, 2009

Watch Plaid Soaps Appear Before Your Eyes!

Earlier this summer I went up to beautiful Bellingham to teach at Otion's Soapmaking Weekend Intensive and also be a guest on Soap Queen TV. Anne-Marie (the Soap Queen) and I sweated it out in the studio together (it was during a very hot weekend!) and made Plaid Soaps and Soap Tarts for a new series of premium Soap Queen episodes.

Today the first one has been released - Plaid Soaps! Anne-Marie has put together an incredible package to make sure your project comes out perfect: a video, a pdf tutorial, and a place to ask any questions. It's called Soap Queen Royale, and you will definitely be getting the royal treatment! Check out the tutorial listing here and the new Soap Queen Royale site here, where you will be able to see many more premium tutorial videos on a wide range of subjects. And of course, no video is complete without her famous bloopers and outtakes (except now it's ME looking goofy, so enjoy! LOL!).

Ooh - extra tidbit - you can even get a kit to go along with the Plaid Soap project so you'll have everything you need. Easy peasy!
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