Thursday, December 3, 2009

Talk About Frosting!

Just the other day, Tammy Brodbeck of Milk and Cookeez posted this great photo over at the Soapylove Facebook fan page. Little did we know that this simple birthday greeting would turn into a major discussion (click here to read it)!

This is actually a soap cupcake. Can you believe it? That delicate, towering frosting is incredible! She based her recipe on the one from my Fluffy Frosted Soapy Cupcakes tutorial I posted at The Soap Queen a little while ago. She tweaked it a bit and has done some rigorous testing. The best part is, she is sharing all of her information and we are having quite a nice conversation about it.

If you'd like to read about her tips, other soaper's experiences, and more, click here for the discussion, or here to be taken to the Soapylove fan page. Join and start your own discussion - it's a Soapy Love In! :)
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