Friday, February 5, 2010

Flavor of the Month: I'll Give You a Hint!

1. It's a Mint Chocolate Chip World, 2. Mint Chocolate Cupcakes, 3. Mini Chocolate Mint cake, 4. Mint Chocolate Brownies, 5. Chocolate mint soap bars packaged, 6. mint chocolate chip, 7. Miniature Mint & Chocolate Cupcakes, 8. ebi, 9. mint chocolate cookie sandwiches, 10. Mint Chocolate, 11. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream Cubie, 12. Mint Chocolate Minis

I hope that after looking at all of those gorgeous photos that you're in the mood for Mint Chip, our Flavor of the Month. Having a line of ice cream inspired soaps makes this one a must, and yet it's our newest style!  The minty bar is full of chocolate scented soap chunks, hand cut and mixed into every batch.  It's a perfect follow up to our other classic style, the Neapolitan

Definitely give it a try since Soapyfans agree that Soapy Pops are even more adorable in person and the scent will win you over the moment you open your box!  And we're happy to ship them right to your favorite sweetie.

This one is only on sale for the month of February, so head on over to the Soapylove Pop Shop!