Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring issue of Let's Get Soapy is now available!

Yay!  The Spring eZine is now ready for you!  There are 21 photo and info packed pages, all focusing on natural ingredients and specialty soap bases.  I'm especially excited about the Budding Leaves Loaf Soap Tutorial where NO colorants are used at all - just botanical additives in specialty soap bases!

You'll also find:
  • Product review of some gorgeous all natural colorants
  • Butterfly Soap Tutorial with THREE unique versions
  • How to use soap embed paper
  • How to use cosmetic clays in MP soap
  • How to successfully suspend stubborn exfoliants
  • Inspiring exfoliating soap board
  • Budding Leaves Loaf Soap tutorial
  • Printable butterfly page
  • Complete Resource Directory for all Articles
  • and much more!
Remember my Boxed Soaps?  This issue tells you where to get that cool dissolving paper and how to use it!

The early bird gets the worm, and in this case the early birds get $3 off!  Head over to the Soapylove site to see more photos from inside and get the new issue for only $12 if you snap one up by Friday.

I also have an amazing sale on the Boxed Soaps - only $4.99 each, but they're selling out quick so pick out your favorite today!