Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Two Tutorial Tuesday! :)

Hi everyone!  I have been madly making soaps lately and haven't been posting as much, but today I have a "2 fer!"  Since I have kids jumping on my bed I'm going to make it quick!!

First is a new tutorial now posted over at the Soap Queen.  If you love ice cream then you'll love this new Soapylove mold!  The color combo possibilities are endless.  Make sure to add one to your collection!  (but first head over and see how I made those adorable ice cream embeds, too!)

Next is a truly awesome tutorial from Roots and Wings Co - how to make Lego soaps! This mom is so crafty.  She used real Legos and urethane to make her own molds.  This tutorial is so chock full of great tips and techniques.  It's a must read! 

Thank you Rebecca for letting me share your project with my readers!!

Have a great day everyone!