Friday, April 9, 2010

Amazing New Soap Designer: Cleaner Science

Being a HUGE Flickr fan, I am active in many soap groups there and recently something completely new caught my eye.  A petri dish.  This seemed very out of place in the collection of soap photos, but when I clicked on it I found out this it WAS soap!  I immediately had to know all about this incredibly innovative soap artist.  So please enjoy my interview with the brain behind Cleaner Science - Sara.
  • Okay, first of all, who are you and where have you been all my life? 
Haha!  I have been buried in books my whole life it seems.  I'm Sara, I'm currently a first year Pharm. D. (pharmacy) student from Houston, Texas.  I've been creating my whole life, but I have only just recently gotten into soap, and I am absolutely loving it.  
  • What made you think of creating soap that looks like bacteria growth?
The idea sort of just came about one day.  Everyone is always asking me that same question, and it's always hard for me to give them an exact answer.  I've had microbiology classes in the past, so all that information has been stored somewhere in the back of my mind for a bit.  We had just finished up an immunology class this previous fall semester, and I was in the middle of studying for our pharmaceutical care class...  I was just thinking it would be hilarious to have something that cleans, but is also representative of something dirty.  What's better than "dirt" in one of it's purest forms: growing on a petri dish?
  • The glowing bacteria are so awesome.  What is your most popular style?  Which one is your favorite?
Most popular, I would say, is the fluorescent cyanobacteria.  It has three different glow colors that really go together well!  AND!  It glows in the dark.  How could it possibly get any better.  My personal favorite (second to the cyanobacteria) is the aqua glow E. coli transformation petri dish.
  • Have you been making glycerin soaps for long or is this a new kind of craft for you?
Completely new!  The idea of petri dish soaps was first, so learning to work with soap just came along with it.  I have to say, though, I am absolutely loving working with soap.  It has so many possibilities, and needless to say, it has an added bonus of having clean hands all the time. 
It seems I've been making things my whole life though.  I'm not even sure if anyone in my family has received any birthday cards or Christmas presents that weren't in some way made myself.  I like to start new projects all the time, and usually when I discover some new technique or form of art, I just dive right in and try and become the best as I can be with it.  
My mom likes to tell me frequently that I was somehow "destined" to be making soap.  I once, when I was little, me and my best friend figured out that the color of bar soap looks a lot like the color of teeth.  And then we figured:  Soap = Teeth = Money.  I think my parents, the generous tooth fairies, even gave me money anyway because of the effort and the great idea haha.  
Not sure if this means I was destined, but I must say that I think I finally found something that I'll be sticking with for quite a while!  There are so many possibilities and combinations, especially with just petri dishes alone.  Soap is also very useful and functional. 
  • Do you only sell online or do you sell locally as well?
I sell primarily online, but I may have some big news coming soon, but I can't exactly say what it is right now! :)  I know!  It's killing me to not tell everyone in the world right now... but it definitely will be 'local' :)
  • Are your soaps scented, too? 
Yes!  All of the soaps are scented, but the natural honey soap on a rope has a completely natural honey scent, no additional fragrances added.
  • Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you, your business, or your soaps?  Inquiring minds want to know!
Right now there's a giveaway for some free soap!  Once we reach 200 fans on Facebook, I'll be having a giveaway for any soap in the shop.
Also, is coming soon, and you can visit the site now to join the mailing list for news and updates.

Links: - still under construction, but you can sign up for the mailing list to receive news and updates
Thanks so much Sara!  We will certainly be looking out for your announcement.  Keep on doing what you're doing, and best wishes on your Pharmacy program!!  :)