Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ladies Only Summer Camp!

A few weeks ago it occurred to me that many of us spend our summer sending our kids off to fun camps, but where are the camps for moms?  So I threw a little party for all the ladies (moms or not) with crafts, lunch, drinks, and even home made ice cream.  Here are a few pics that my sister took (thanks, Cher!!).  Maybe you'll be inspired to throw a little summer camp day of your own - you deserve a break, too! :)

First we did a tie dye project (because what's more summer campy than tie dying?).  I got some white cotton gauze at a fabric store and made some really basic scarves.  Then I got dyes and supplies from Dharma Trading Company in Olive Green, Dusty Rose, and Black.  We all knotted up and rubber banded our scarves then went to town with lots of dye.

After the scarves sat in the sun for a while (the heat speeds up the color setting) I rinsed them out with the hose (like my new dark hairdo?). Then we laid our scarves out on the grass to let them dry, admiring each other's neat designs, and grabbed another Watermelon Margarita.

After that we made Erin Pikor's Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes.  They were fun and easy to do. I put out the basic ingredients (sweet almond oil, fragrance oils, sugar, additional exfoliants such as ground loofah and jojoba beads) plus a rice cooker of melted soap base.  So it was easy for people to mix up their scrub and pour it into clam shell boxes.  No freezing or unmolding to worry about.  Everyone's scrubs came out beautifully - it's such a great recipe! 

Finally, I made a batch of S'Mores Ice Cream.  You can't really go wrong with anything that has Marshmallow Fluff, right?  The Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker made it go really quickly, plus it was fun for people to watch.  

I know many kids will be heading back to school soon, so don't miss a chance to get your friends together and have some grown-up fun.  There are tons of great projects online that would be perfect for a craft party.  Here are some sites I used to get ideas:

Craft Zine
Soap Queen
Martha Stewart (great Summer Crafts section)
Dharma Trading Company

Have a great Monday!
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