Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rainbow Bright Project Inspiration

If there is one thing Soapylove is known for, it's rainbow bright colors!  So when Anne-Marie (founder of Bramble Berry) and I started to work on the Soapylove line, the first one was the Jewelry Box Colorant Kit.  From just one kit you can make every shade of the rainbow!  I had so much fun testing it out that I made this little froggy diagram to show how to mix them all.
Then I had a blast coming up with loads of projects, too!  It even comes with a special superfine glitter that suspends beautifully. To pick up this must-have kit, head over to Bramble Berry's Soapylove shop (click here).

Here are the projects featured above.  Have fun!

1) Parfait Soaps: these gelatin inspired soaps include little soapy fruits, too.  Click here for tutorial.

2) Ombre Heart Soaps: You will love how easy it is to get a perfect color fade with this neat little technique.  Check it out here.

3) Lucky Star Soaps: Sweet little embeds are layered into this candy-bright star.  It's a perfect match with the Candy Jar Fragrance Set!  Click here for the project.

4) There is even more you can do with the colorants besides soap!  These beautiful carnations were dyed every shade of the rainbow.  Pick colors to match a party theme or your own favorites!  Click here to see how.

To find ALL of the Soapylove tutorials at The Soap Queen, check out this great "mash up" that Anne-Marie put together recently (click here).  Have fun!
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