Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting Back in Touch With My Products at Pine Tree Road

A couple of weeks ago, my brother's friend saw a Craigslist ad asking for soapmakers who wanted to consign at a shop in Ocean Beach (San Diego).  He thought of me and told me about it.  So I contacted the shop owner and it turned out to be Jackie, who I met in Denver at the HSMG Conference last spring.  She was looking for some new lines to try out in her shop - Pine Tree Road.

Normally I don't consign but since I have Cupcake Bath Bombs, Super Fizzie Mini Bath Bombs, and some great displays I wanted to try them out in her shop.  Jackie was so nice and said I could pick where I wanted them to be.  So naturally I asked for the window!  :)

Since I do all of my business online and at least 50% of my orders are international, I rarely get to see Soapylove in shops.  It was so much fun to set everything up exactly the way I wanted.  I even made up some new gift boxes which I'm just trying out there.

So, anyway, I was just really surprised by how much I miss being more in touch with my products.  I think I'll look into doing a summer festival or fair.  There's nothing more gratifying than hearing how adorable or yummy something you made is, right from your customers!  :)
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