Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Soapy artist discovery - Kazumi Kinoshita of Aromatica Labo

All photos by Kazumi Kinoshita

Thanks to the wonders of Pinterest, today I was introduced to the incredible artistry of Kazumi Kinoshita in Japan.  From what I gather on her site, called Aromatica Labo, she is a soap teacher in both glycerin and cold process forms.  As you can see from the photos from her Pinterest page above, she has a huge range of styles and techniques.  It's just amazing!

Her site is in Japanese and the translations are not perfect, so I just want to share some of her photos with you.

I love how she uses the softest colors, and the addition of some texture.  Such a beautiful use of light in her soaps!

I am so in awe of her color combinations!  It's like a painting!

And then there's this, which I have no idea about!  All I know is that it makes me happy to look at!

The amazingness goes on and on.  You must see for yourself!  Start with her Pinterest page.  It's breathtaking!!

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