Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Soapy Review - Two Rivers Soap Company

Even though I make more soap than anyone could use in a lifetime, I'm still a huge fan of other crafters' soaps, too. I have stacks of bars waiting for their turn in the shower, all from different people. I'll get on some kick about something I just "have to have" and start my search, usually on Etsy.

The day I found Two Rivers Soap Company, I was looking for cold process soaps (made totally from scratch) without any Coconut Oil. I've read that this ingredient can contribute to skin dryness, which I get bad enough already (which leads me to think of my lotion collection, but that's another post). I bought Lemon Sugar and Sweetgrass Shea Butter Soap Bars.

When I received my order, I was so impressed by the packaging, which is a clear shrink wrapper with holes so you can enjoy the wonderful scents, which are not overpowering but noticable. Her bars have beveled edges, which is a very nice touch. She also included a sample of her Black Raspberry Bar (shown above) which is just as beautiful in person and smells AMAZING!

I am currently using the Lemon Sugar Bar in the shower and have even used it on my face. I have really noticed how my skin feels much less tight and dry. It smells great and rinses off easily. It's lasting a long time, too!

I highly recommend Jennifer's soaps, and you can feel great about supporting a small business!
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