Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Bubble Bars and Tips on Soap Packaging

Here's #2 in the Bubble Bar series! This one is the Wonder Bar and was inspired by Wonder Bread. It has Strawberry Jam fragrance which is my hands-down all time favorite fragrance! It's the first bar that makes me want to wash my hands way too often, just to smell the yumminess.

I am having a lot of fun with these bars because it has also inspired me to do new packaging for them. I am doing a header card on my own printer. It's great because the whole soap is visible but there's lots of room on the card for ingredients info and cute graphics (which I make on my low-tech "Publisher" program).

Packaging is a big subject among Bath and Beauty folks. One resource for great ideas is the Flickr group called Soap Packaging. Check it out - you'll see everything from high end soaps from Europe, to hotel samples, to handmade styles. It's so cool!
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