Monday, April 13, 2009

An Awesome Time at The Nova Studio!

I'm back from my trip up to Point Richmond, CA, to teach at The Nova Studio. I had such a great time! My sister, Cheryl, joined me and she took some beautiful photos of the class (as well as made some impressive soaps! Not bad for a scrapbooker! ;) ). You can see some of the pretty projects in the photo above.

We started with Rainbow Fantasy soaps, using injector tools from the melt and pour tool kit to fill our candy molds and apply them to round soap bars which we made as well. Although many felt their skills at filling the rainbow arcs were not as sharp as they wanted, all were impressed by the final results.

Next we started our Jelly Donut Soaps. I showed how pearly mica is great at turning purple soap into glistening jelly. The scent of grape candy fragrance filled the room. Cutting the "bites" at the end of class was very gratifying.

Finally, we made Martian Soaps. Everyone was very anxious to see how we were going to get those little martians into the space ships and were concerned when the first step didn't include them at all. But with some patience the mystery was revealed and our little guys got their rightful place in the cockpits. (Thanks to Paula from PJ Soaps, her tip on how to make natural clear base crystal clear was a life saver. My stash of crystal clear soap base was apprehended by airport security!)

Thank you most of all to Lori Nova, who is such a gracious host and super fun person. I love teaching at her gorgeous studio. I just wish I lived closer so I could be a student at many of her amazing classes! Make sure to check out her schedule and see what she's offering. You'll be glad you did!
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