Friday, April 10, 2009

Riding on Coat Tails

Well I'm off to the SF Bay Area to teach at The Nova Studio! I'm so excited! Not only do I get to teach again, which I love, but I'm taking my sister with me this time. She is so fun plus we're going on our own - no kiddos!!

Anyone who is following me on Twitter has heard, with graphic detail, about the stomach flu that hit my household over the past 2 weeks. Now that everyone is healthy again I can go on this trip with a clear conscience and relax. Cheryl and I will be in Point Richmond on Saturday and we'll cruise around San Francisco all day Sunday. Aaaahh... I feel more relaxed already!

And since Easter is coming, I thought I'd ride on Bakerella's coat tails once again. Please head over to her blog to see this really adorable and wonderfully sweet post she put up today. The last photos actually made me tear up a little.

Have a great Easter weekend everyone! Even if you aren't celebrating the holiday, enjoy the delicious candy!!
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