Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Great Day at The Nova Studio!

This weekend I taught Artistic Melt and Pour Techniques at The Nova Studio in Point Richmond, CA. This is my third time teaching there (5th class!) and I LOVE it so much! First of all, Lori is awesome and it's such a treat to hang out with her, and secondly, the classes are always so much fun because the students are the best! There's no better situation for a teacher than having a class full of enthusiastic and eager participants.

One of the students, Rick Washburn, was taking pictures and shared some with me for this blog. All pictures in this post are compliments of Rick (thank you!!).

Even though many of the students didn't consider themselves "artists" when they arrived, I think everyone was impressed with what they made. First, we used transfer sheets to add printed designs to our soaps. Learning about soap temperature was definitely the take home message for this project.

Next we created paintings within our soap bars. I taught how to make a "Y Tree" (see video tutorial here), and even those who had never tried it before had beautiful forests before they knew it. We used soap paints from PJ Soaps (scroll to bottom of her page to see awesome paint kits) and also mixed paints from scratch.

After lunch (this is a 6 hour class after all!), we made hand-engraved monogram soaps. Each student received a great tool for engraving with their supply fee. Although I provided some printed letters to use, one student created an awesome freehand "anarchy" soap, which was my favorite!! I think everyone was really impressed by how their engraved design really stood out when the final soaps were unmolded.

Last, we made some pretty hand-cut tile soaps. Everyone made at least 8 bars of soap, and had time to wrap them nicely, too. I was able to share lots of my stories and answer everyone's questions. Having 6 hours was just like the studio classes I had in college where you get plenty of time to work on projects and not feel rushed. I think everyone enjoyed the pace and learned a lot.

On the car ride to the BART station that evening, Lori and I discussed the next class, which will be another 6 hour workshop on December 12. It will be a Winter Holiday theme where we're going to make a heap of soapy gifts! There will be 4 all new projects and each student will leave with at least 12 soaps, wrapped and ready to give! Lori has not set up the class listing yet, but if you email her she can put you on a waiting list. Don't miss out! I hope to see you there! :)
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