Thursday, January 21, 2010

Getting Ready for CHA!

Over the last two days I've been working on soaps to give away on Sunday at CHA.  CHA is the Craft and Hobby Association and they hold seasonal trade shows for the crafting industry.  I will be doing a demo to promote my book at the F+W Publications booth.  Thanks to Kelley at Soapies Supplies I will be using a rice cooker to melt my soap there.  Have you tried a rice cooker?  They are amazing at melting soap!

But I digress. So I was trying to think of a way to promote Soapylove in a fun and memorable way.  I thought of postcards but that seemed kind of generic and easily tossed.  So I decided to make soaps instead and found a great way to include lots of information and have a durable soap that wouldn't get banged up in a tote bag full of other freebies: I discovered clamshell boxes.

Considering the amount of supplies and things I have tried since I began obsessively making glycerin soap 5 years ago, it's really amazing how there are still new things to play with.  I mean, clamshell packaging is not a new innovation at all but this is the first time I am trying them out.  If you are a fan at the Soapylove fan page, you may have seen my excited posts about them.  I am REALLY excited, in fact!  They are so fast and easy, and provide a very safe little home for the soaps which are beautifully visible on all sides!  LOVE it!  Plus I made a nice big sticker with loads of info that fits nicely on the back.  Done and done. 

You can see some of my soaps in the picture above.  I got 50 of them so I want to use every single one.  It's been really fun picking styles and techniques from my book to make in the boxes. 

So if you're going to be at CHA on Sunday, please find the F+W booth (#4228) and come by at 2:30.  I'd love to say hi, and hopefully I'll have a soap to give you, too!