Thursday, May 1, 2008

Be Still My Heart!

Etsy :: ndeurshoes :: Sweet n cool

Today on Etsy's homepage was an awesome collection of items that all said "80's" to me, and most people who know me know that I have a soft spot for anything 80's. MTV was on in my house non-stop when I was a kid.

In 1985 I was 11, my sister was 16, my brother was 18, and my oldest brother was 21. My oldest brother loved rock, my other brother loved new wave, and my sister loved David Bowie. I was exposed to a lot of different music and loved most of it (not KISS so much, but Queen was great). To this day my favorite band is still The Smiths and I seem to have a bizarre memory of tons of bands and lyrics, even though I was on the young side to be that into it.

One of the Etsy artists featured today was ndeurshoes. I checked out his shop and found the most awesome hand painted shoes! Every pair is made to order and is on 80's shoe styles like those low pumps I know you all had, and if not those, then those killer Vans high tops. There are lots of styles actually, and they are all really cool.

They remind me of how in high school we used to draw all over our keds. I even had a white denim jacket that I drew a huge Keith Haring style graphic across the back, from sleeve to sleeve. Just to show how painfully anchored in 80's trends I am, it wasn't that long ago that I busted out the bleach and bleach-dyed a pair of jeans that were already worn through at the knees.

So, back to ndeur - this pair I think was made specifically for me. Those colors! Those popsicles!! Maybe I should use my government rebate for them? Alas, I can't. But I envy whoever becomes the proud new owner!
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