Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yay for Talented Family!

So about 2 weeks ago, I had this idea to do a photo shoot with my neice Emily as a "soda jerk" posing with my soapsicles. I was pretty excited and wanted to give it a shot.

I got my sister in law's permission to ask my neice and she said yes. I spoke to Emily and she said yes. Then I made a date with my sister, Cheryl, who has taken the best pics of my soaps, and she said yes. I called my friend Alison to see if she'd do Emily's hair and she was game, too. Everything was lining up quite well!

Next I started the hunt for clothes and props. I posted an Alchemy request for a custom bow tie and BibBon stepped up and not only made me an amazing bow tie but also matching trim for my hat and a pony tail button! I couldn't believe my good luck.

Finally Sunday rolled around and we all met at Cheryl's house. Emily arrived after getting her make-up done at the MAC counter looking incredible, and started getting her hair done. Soon we were ready to start snapping pics and I could tell it was going to be really amazing!

Here's a great shot just of Emily. I have lots more with my soaps that you'll see eventually, too. I'm so excited! For a sneak preview, sign up for my new Soapylove newsletter (see box on upper right of this page).

So thanks to everyone who pitched in to not only realize my vision but make it even better than I imagined!!

To see even more of what my sister can do, check out her site-in-progress at www.CherylJacksonPhotography.com. To contact her about a photo shoot, you can send her an email at cheryl(at)cheryljacksonphotography(dot)com for more info.
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