Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Bubble Bars! My venture back to the classic "Loaf Soap".

One of the most fun projects you can make, and produce many bars at once, is with a loaf mold. I have one from Milky Way Molds that is really great. I was inspired by a loaf soap that Anne-Marie made on her Soap and the Finer Things Blog.

I have this awesome ice cube tray that I bought at a Japanese market a long time ago, which my dad drilled out the holes so I could pour soap into them. I made 3 colors - hot pink, neon yellow, and bright turquoise. I only scented the balls so I could have a super bright white bar (fragrance oils can tint the soap a creamy color). I poured white soap layer by layer, letting it set so I would have raised levels of soap balls. I tried to mix up the colors so they would be random when the loaf was sliced.

I think they came out pretty well. Every bar is different and the dots will change sizes as you use the soap. I'll put them in my Etsy shop today or tomorrow.

It was a fun project and next time I might let the balls stick out of the top when it's done because they're so cute!
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