Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bubbly Holidays is Coming Right Along!

I'm currently working on a 10 project soap book called Bubbly Holidays. So far I have written all of the tutorials and am now making each project, taking the step-by-step photos, and then taking the "glam shots." This picture is of the Glittery Glass Ornament Soap project. It's a great easy project that looks so pretty and festive! It would be great for a beginner and even for kids to do.

I have completed the Sugar Plum Ornament Soaps (which are actually ornaments!), the Fancy Glass Ball Ornament Soaps (I promise they're not all ornaments! LOL!), and the Egg Nog Soaps.

This weekend I'll be heading over to my sister's house to shoot the cover photo. I'm getting my neice to be my model again (she is my Soda Pop Girl on my site), but we're doing a frosty wintery shot this time. I'm so excited! I'll post a couple shots here when they're ready.

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