Thursday, December 18, 2008

100 Pounds of Love at The Nova Studio!

Lori Nova, who I met directly on Twitter, is the owner of The Nova Studio where bath and body classes (and non b&b classes, too!) are held in her beautiful Point Richmond shop. I packed up my family and we drove over 8 hours north so I could accept Lori's invitation to teach 2 Soapylove classes this past Saturday: Bubbly Holidays and Sweet Treats. It was such a great experience!

First, for Bubbly Holidays, we had 4 projects lined up. We made Glittery Glass Ball Soaps, Fancy Ball Ornaments, Sugar Plum Ornaments, and Frosty Vintage Tree Soaps (all tutorials are available in my Soapylove shop if you'd like to try some at home!). There were many m&p newbies in the class, but everyone took to it easily and made some truly gorgeous soaps! The marbling of the Sugar Plum soaps was probably the highlight since it was a team effort and it's really fun to swirl!

Next, after very quickly cleaning up, setting up again, and grabbing a bite to eat, we started the Sweet Treats class. Again, we had 4 projects on the agenda: PB&J soaps, Peppermint Soap Bark, Neapolitan Loaf Soaps, and Mint Chip Soapwiches. Each of these projects required a LOT of soap and our amazing helper, Joan, and Lori frantically cut and melted brick after brick of soap. The crock pots did their best! It was so fun unmolding and packing the soaps as they were finished. Here's a pic of me cutting up the Mint Chip Soaps.

After 8 projects in 2 classes of 14 students each, we blew through almost 100 pounds of soap base! Many students got new supplies to make more projects at home, and literally BAGS of finished soaps to share with their friends and family.

Lori has graciously invited me back, despite the frenzied pace of the classes, and I can't wait to teach there again! We'll be making a plan soon which I will announce as soon as it's confirmed.

If you attended either class, I'd love it if you posted your own comments here. Thanks so much!
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