Friday, February 20, 2009

Soapylove Soapsicles Dressed to the 9's

I love Flickr. I created my account when I first started making soap and almost every soap I've ever made has a picture there. But another thing I love about it is keeping up with my contacts. The other day I saw a new picture from Red 7 Packaging. They posted a photo of New Year's gifts they made for their clients. I left a comment saying how lucky their clients are!

Little did I know that my Candy Cane Soapsicles were inside! Red 7 found me on Flickr and placed a bulk order but I had no idea that they would be getting the red carpet treatment. Cory and Angela Van De Griend, owners and designers for Red 7, gave me permission to blog (brag!) about their awesome gifts. Thank you!
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