Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to Turn Watermelon into Strawberries

Right now I'm working on a Strawberry Shortcake Loaf Soap tutorial for the Summer issue of Let's Get Soapy. While making the strawberries, I made a little tweak that might help you on your next project.

I'm a huge fan of Bramble Berry's non-bleeding red liquid colorant. It's what I use for my Squeakymelon Soapsicles. It's a great watermelon color. After unmolding my first batch of strawberries using the liquid red, I realized the shade was a bit too pink for a convincing berry.

To make the color a bit richer and deeper, I added one drop of blue ultramarine. Even though my heart stopped for a second as the color went from a very strong purple back to a slightly darker red, it was just what I needed. You can see the before and after berries, above.

I just threw my pink berries back into my cup and remelted them to make new berries. No waste! Gotta love melt and pour!

The Summer issue will be ready next Monday, so make sure you have signed up for the Soapyclub to get your special discount! You will love the full Shortcake project! The sign up box is on the left hand side of the blog, or click here to sign up on the Soapylove site.
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