Monday, May 11, 2009

Headin' Out for Some Soapy Fun!

Tomorrow, super early, I'll be driving to Palm Springs for the HSMG Conference! (click link for a video of the resort - so beautiful!) I can't wait! Along with that comes the mega-preparation of being away from my kids for 3 days, which involves grocery shopping and a daily childcare calendar for my husband. I actually feel a little guilty taking the time to blog right now.

Aaaanyway... I am looking forward to meeting some of you whom I have only met online, taking classes in all kinds of great subjects, swimming in the pool, talking shop for 3 days, and partying at night! It feels like I'm going to summer camp or something.

Okay, so enough about my excitement. If you'd like a little Soapylove fix while I'm gone, I have been posting quite a bit over at The Soap Lab since I'm working on the special edition of Let's Get Soapy, which will go on sale 2 weeks from today. Make sure to sign up on my mailing list to be notified of my early bird special! (sign up box in on the left hand side of my blog page).

Have a great week everyone and I'll write about it when I get back!
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