Sunday, October 18, 2009

More New Soapylove Molds from Bramble Berry!

There are 2 new additions to the Soapylove supply line from Bramble Berry! You'll find the Stacked Star (shown above) and the Striped Heart. These are both very 80's inspired but still have the great versatility of the scalloped molds also available.

When I was working on these designs, I wanted to have molds that helped make multi-colored soaps easy. So the star has 3 sizes of stars, stacked up, so you can fill each layer separately. The Striped Heart has diagonal grooves that you can fill with different colors (perhaps a rainbow, may I suggest?).

In the above photo I made a batch of green soap colored with the Jewelry Box colorant kit, then put aside an ounce of soap which I added a heavy dose of the Sparkle Dust glitter to*. I used this as my top star layer. Once that layer cooled I topped off the mold with the plain green. This simple detail really makes the stars stand out and catch the light! I did something similar with the blue version but used Super Pearly Mica for my top stars instead.

If any of you have tried supplies from the Soapylove line, I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to comment here or email me at: Thanks so much!

*Little fact about the glitter: the Sparkle Dust in the Jewelry Box set is a super fine grade that suspends very easily and has a beautiful sparkly shimmer that isn't chunky at all. It's a special type only offered in my kit. I know you'll love it!


Anne-Marie said...

And, another little fun factoid about the star? Apparently, Hannah Montana uses stars in "everything she does" (and I have that on the authority of a 12 year old girl) making the star extra dupily cool.

Soapylove said...

Ooh! I'm off to do a little Hannah Montana star research! Thanks for the tip!

Luster Canyon said...

I have been using the jewelry box colors all weekend for my soap rockets and wonder balls....I love the colors I get, and I love the ease of the dropper bottle.

TeresaR said...

Trust Anne-Marie to come up with another cool marketing idea. :)

I have your jewelry box colors on my BB wish list for when I make my next purchase...can't wait!

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

I have started to work with your new line. Going to try to get some pictures of things sometime this week. Really loving the sparkle dust glitter very pretty!!